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Guess who is coming back to add fuel to the fire!

After the all destroying fire in the home of the siblings Blackwire, Jason disappeared in the dark night. When the fire department and the police start their investigation the next day, they find two dead bodies, deceased long before the fire, buried in the garden.

 The emergency services The emergency services are completely in the dark about what crime has taken place in the house and would like to speak to Jason.Jason is on the run and a real manhunt is underway. The neighborhood watch is asking for help in searching this community.

It’s up to your team to visit Priest Neville Morrisson’s home and see if Jason can be found.

Neville Morrisson is an old but sweet man. He is almost blind and therefore you may search his house. Matter of doing for this sweet man…


Important information

  • Location: Diepenhorstlaan 11C
  • Nr of players: 2 to 6 players
  • Time: 75 minuten
  • Age: 16+
  • Price monday to thursday: €155,-
  • Price friday to sunday: €165,-